Silt Curtain

Controlling sediment from construction sites, dredging, decanting and toxic algae is simplified by using an Ecospill Silt Curtain. Made from tough Geofabric, with 100mm float and a 2m high skirt (or drop). Comes fitted with 8mm ballast chain, ready to deploy. Sold in 10m sections. Ecospill Silt Curtain Booms are ideal for many varied applications, including: Control of sediment and run off from construction sites; Control of sediment from dredging operations and dredge deposition; Mine tailing dams to reduce suspended solids; Control of aquatic plants; Controlling toxic algae.

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Silt Curtain With 1m Skirt - 10m
Silt Curtain with 2m Skirt - 20m Section

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