Roll Out Mats

Ecospill Roll Out Mats combine the efficiency of absorbent mats to catch spilled liquids with the convenience of a reusable, solid backed, roll up mat. Chain weighted ends are incorporated, keeping the mat deployed even in windy conditions. Made from Heavy Duty UV Stable PVC, the Roll Out Mat provides an impervious base so spilled liquids wonÕt stain or spill onto the surface underneath. In the middle is one or two (depending on your need) Absorbent Mats, to absorb any FUEL and OIL spills. Once the internal mat is fully saturated you can easily replace it through the velcro sides. The top layer is a heavy duty shade cloth to allow for easy penetration of liquids onto the absorbent mat. When youÕre finished simply roll up the mat, fasten with the loops and store ready for next time.

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Roll Out Mats - 900mm x 900mm

Roll Out Mat - 900

Refill Pack for ROM0909
Roll Out Mats - 900mm x 1800mm

10M DuraBund Install