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The Marine environment is one of Australia’s most treasured possessions. Our natural history includes such iconic aquatic features as the Great Barrier Reef and the 12 Apostles, along with dozens of other striking shorelines around the entirety of this massive land mass. We are understandably protective over our natural assets, and some of the world’s toughest fines for polluters are evidence of this.

Luckily there is Ecospill. We provide aquatic spill solutions throughout Australia, capable of providing a buffer against even the worst aquatic spills. Our diverse range of marine spill kits can ensure that our waters remain pristine, clear, and healthy.

Suitable for all fuel, oil, petroleum, cooking oil and other messy liquid spills in marine applications, Ecospill Marine Fuel & Oil Spill Kits are available from 20L, 40L, 100L, 120L and 240L sizes as standard. Custom-made Spill Kits are also available upon request. We hold both the natural landscape and the needs of Australian industry, in high regard, both worthy of protection.

Browse our range of Marine Spill Kits below for more information, or to buy online. Alternatively, you can call Ecospill on 1300 736 116 for more detailed information and assistance. Contact us today!

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