Portable Spill Mats

With certain jobs, some spills are nearly inevitable. Whether they are originating from leaky machinery, greasy containers or oily hardware, these small amounts can accumulate over time in to a potentially dangerous amount, for both the work space and the environment. Even miniscule amounts of some substances are not safe, or desirable, around your workplace. Containing dangerous, toxic spills in a Portable Spill Mat is much more desirable than trying to clean spilled liquids up off the ground. You have the benefit of catching the spilled liquid in the sump, and can easily recover the spilled liquid again for re-use or proper disposal. Portable Spill Mats are highly versatile and easy to use, and are uniquely designed to fold up to a compact size for easy storage in tight and difficult locations. Manufactured from UV Stable PVC hydrocarbon secondary containment material, our mats bring a number of advantages: Lightweight, portable Folds for easy storage Good chemical resistance Flexible side walls Easy to clean Range of sizes available Made to measure available At EcoSpill, our portable spill mats can capture any potential drips, overflows, or spills, with quick and easy deployment. If you have any greasy jobs to do, these can make your cleanup considerably easier, while keeping your environment safe. Contact us to find out more.

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Portable Spill Mat 600 x 600
Portable Spill Mat 1000 x 1000
Portable Spill Mat 1200 x 1200