Safety Cabinets

Providing safe haven for dangerous and corrosive chemicals at your work site is a high priority. A proper safety cabinet keeps your staff and local environment safe, and by ensuring that these substances are stored properly, in accordance with state and national regulatory practices, it keeps you safe from potential fines.

Flammable, Corrosive and Dangerous Goods Safety Storage Cabinets from EcoSpill provide a safe, close-by, secure and on site storage of dangerous materials and help you to maintain good housekeeping practices. All safety cabinets are fire tested to comply with and exceed Australian Standards AS1940-2004 for our Flammable Safety Cabinets and AS3780-2008 for our Corrosive Safety Cabinets. They provide the simple and safe solution by keeping dangerous goods right where you need them, but never at the risk of your safety.

Cabinet Features:
  • Fully welded construction 1.2mm Steel Double Wall (Flammable Units)
  • Electrostatic High Gloss Powder Coat Finish
  • Dual vents for ventiliation / Flash Arresters
  • Self-Closing and Latching Doors
  • Continuous Stainless Steel Piano Hinges
  • Leakproof Containment Sumps
  • Adjustable Shelf Heights
  • Fire Tested and approved
  • ASAS1940-2004 & ASAS3780-2008 compliant
  • For Indoor Use only

At EcoSpill, we provide corrosive storage safety cabinets for Australian workplaces, from coast to coast. Fully vetted, they can keep your workplace organised, and your employees and environment protected.