Spill Kits

Spill Kits are an essential part of any workplace in Australia that uses or stores fuels, oils, non-aggressive liquids and chemicals. Spill Kit supplies assure you of environmental compliance and assist your company in meeting its duty of care to your staff.

When you have spill kits and spill kit training at the ready, then you are prepared in the event of a fuel, oil or chemical spill. You have the right equipment to clean up efficiently, minimising any damaging impact to your people, the environment, and cutting down on lost productivity time as well.

The consequences of poor environmental practices go beyond just your staff, however. The EPA in Australia can assign grievous fines to offenders, as well as charging them for cleanup costs out-of-pocket. For both the environment and the bottom line, it pays to keep a spill kit nearby, and for your staff to be up-to-date on spill kit training.

At Ecospill has spill kits for all types of liquid spills an Australian firm may encounter, including:

  • Oil & Fuel Spill Kits for any fuel, oil, petroleum and other messy liquid type spills, including diesel spills.
  • General Purpose Spill Kits are for the clean up of any fuel, oil, and non-aggressive chemical spills, such as coolants and agricultural chemicals.
  • Chemical Spill Kits are uniquely equipped to clean up aggressive chemical spills
  • We also feature Mercury Spill Kits and other Laboratory and Body Fluid Spill Kits, for other messy liquid spills.

When you purchase Ecospill Spill Kits, you receive exceptional service. Ecospill not only provides onsite, certified spill kit training in Spill Response Management, we will also regularly visit onsite to check and restock your Spill Kits to a customised schedule. So you can be assured your Spill Kit is always capable of handling a spill to its maximum response capacity!

You can count on Ecospill. To discover more about our services, contact us today!