Corrosive Storage Cabinets - Poly Lined

These Poly Lined Corrosive Storage Cabinets offer the best of both worlds: the affordability of a metal cabinet combined with the chemical resistance of a full polyethylene lining. We're pleased to provide the perfect hybrid - a polyethylene-lined metal cabinet.

Why Choose Poly Lined Corrosive Storage Cabinets?

Unbelievable value for money. The very best option for safe storage of corrosives is in a polyethylene cabinet. 100% polyethylene provides the ultimate chemical resistance required for corrosives. However, full polyethylene cabinets are costly to purchase. The next best option is a metal safety cabinet, with polyethylene trays to provide a basic layer of corrosive resistance. However, while this is affordable for most, it barely provides sufficient protection. With our NEW, fully poly lined cabinets you can have the best, most cost-effective option: comprehensive corrosive resistance at an affordable price.

So check out our NEW range of Poly Lined Corrosive Safety Cabinets. Get premium protection for a fraction of the cost!

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