Bin Hood - 240L Chemical

SKU: 240H - Yellow

- Enhances bin security by detracting unwanted rubbish
- Assists in weatherproofing the spill kit
- UV Stable Poly Vinyl (safety yellow)
- Fits 240L Wheelie Bin Spill Kits

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These Ecospill Bin Hoods are the ideal spill kit cover for any Wheelie Bin Spill Kit. Made from UV Stable Poly Vinyl (safety yellow colour), Ecospill Bin Hoods help provide a weatherproof shield, ensuring that your absorbent products are kept dry, ready for use. Bin Hoods also help to enhance bin security, by providing a visual barrier to detract from unwanted rubbish.

Available for both 120L and 240L mobile wheelie bins:

120L - Cat No: 120H or 240L - Cat No: 240H