Silt Socks

Controlling sediment runoff into our waterways is essential to maintaining aquatic ecosystems. Increasing turbidity in the water changes the dynamic of a waterway, impacting upon aquatic plants and native populations of fish and wildlife. That is why Ecospill offers premium silt socks, to capture sediment runoff before it enters drains and gutters, and to provide an easy method of erosion control. Our silt socks are flat-packed, ready for filling with sand or gravel. Each sock has a sewn-in handy tie for easy sealing the end and can be filled and set up quickly and easily, for deployment around any work site, or wherever else it is needed. Applied around drains and gutters, these devices will capture the bulk of sediment before it disappears down the drain. On dry land, they can prevent loose topsoil from washing away during heavy rains. Once their job is finished, they can be quickly and easily emptied, to be stored away until they are required next. Silt socks are a simple and effective method of preventing sediment runoff and erosion on or near work sites. Contact Ecospill to find out more, or browse our selection below.

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Silt Socks - 150mm x 1m
Silt Socks - 150mm x 2m

Build in lots of 10

Silt Socks - 150mm x 3m

Build in lots of 10

Silt Socks - 150mm x 4m

Build in lots of 10

Silt Socks - 150mm x 50 Roll